Handy Tips for Setting Up a Baby Nursery

February 28, 2022 2 min read

When it comes to setting up a baby’s nursery as a parent-to-be, it can feel overwhelming. That’s why the experts here at Pop Ya Tot are here to help you with some fail-safe tips for nursery set up. Make sure that the space is comfortable, for both you and the baby, as you will both spend quite a bit of time in there. Make it unique, inviting, warm and cosy and invest in quality fabrics, bed linen, swaddles & wraps that are safe for the baby. 


Invest in a Comfortable Chair & Practical Table

The first thing is to ensure the comfort of the mum and dad getting up in the middle of the night. A comfy chair is a must-have for breastfeeding at night and calming the baby down comfortably. Also, ensure that you have a changing table next to the cot for convenience. Embroidered baby blankets can be a great accent for this space. 

Make the Space Unique

Decking out your baby nursery can be a super fun experience, where you can really flex your creativity! Consider something magical, like art on the wall or a stunning nursery canopy from Pop Ya Tot.

Keep it Neat and Organised

Keeping the space neat and organised is key to avoid the rage build ups that happen when you can’t find the fabric nappies, embroidered baby blankets or the dummy you’ve been looking for. Have a spot for everything and organise the wardrobe well before the arrival of the baby.

Keep it Comfortable with Natural Baby Linen

Lastly, keep the space comfortable for the baby and invest in natural, long-lasting fabrics that won’t harm their skin. The organic cotton baby linen and bed linen from Pop Ya Tot is great for this and is available in beautiful neutral colours. We also stock breathable swaddles & wraps that keep your baby calm and off to sleep, in their beautiful new nursery. 

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Pia Reynolds
Pia Reynolds

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